Programs and Projects

Purpose-Driven Program

The three solutions described below came out of the Purpose Driven program we founded with the Industry Value team. The program targeted use-cases with social impact, leveraging real-time data, and the latest cloud, analytics, and machine learning tech.

We created a framework based on the logic, data sources, and stories we had developed for the Opioid Crisis demo. This became the foundation for Public Sector Sales plays, and it helped drive presales efforts in the public sector space.

The solutions below include the Opioid Crisis solution, an solution for Suicide Prevention we developed for Dallas County, and another for Reducing Recidivism in State Prisons in Arkansas.

Sales collateral for the Purpose Driven Government Program drives discussions with public sector customers.

Tackling the US Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis solution showcases cloud analytics using real data from dozens of public sources including CDC and state mortality records, SAMHSA treatment locations and services, and Medicare's prescribing datasets.

The real-time dashboard provides self-service predictive functionality, what-if analysis, and forecasting to help public sector decision makers identify problems, trends, and patterns over time and location.

For example, looking at the impact of treatment and service availability on overdose deaths. And analyzing physician prescribing data to find outliers who might be overprescribing.


Geographic Analysis of treatment providers and the services they deliver.

The demo runs on SAP Analytics Cloud and leverages SAP HANA to integrate and enhance the many datasets.

  • HANA virtual data modeling for Data Integration and Blending

  • HANA Text Analytics for Categorization, Sentiment Analysis and Problem Identification

  • HANA Spatial Analysis for geocoding and hot-spot detection

CDC and State-level mortality data tell an interesting story when visualized on a map.

Reducing Prison Recidivism With Real-Time Data

Sapphire Innovation Award Finalist

We started this engagement understanding that a dramatic increase in prison population is happening, driven by returning offenders with minor violations.

We created an operational dashboard with real-time risk scores for offenders in prison, and on parole, that identifies the top contributing factors, and recommends interventions that will reduce recidivism risk.

For example, we knew released offenders who complete a drug treatment program have a low risk of returning to prison. But we discovered that completing the program was highly impacted by the distance between the offender's home, and the location of the treatment facility.

Decades of detailed data from the corrections department was enhanced with geographic, demographic, and economic datasets.

Coding was done in SQL, Python, Stored Procs on HANA Enterprise. The Predictive Analytics Library (PAL) did some heavy lifting. Dashboards were created in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Improving Behavioral Health Treatment With Data Sharing

Sapphire Innovation Award Winner

HarrisLogic manages the highly successful drug diversion program in Dallas County. We teamed up with them to test a solution leveraging detailed mental health encounter data from multiple providers.

We proved that real-time data sharing between providers can drive the calculation of effective risk scores and other actionable insights.

The solution was delivered on SAP HANA in AWS with SAP Analytics Cloud, and presented in Orlando by the client.

My role included coaching on project planning, story development, acting as SME for encounter data, and initial data analysis and regression modeling.